Boudewijn hu kiteb

> On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Daniel Andreasson wrote:
> > Kristian Jensen skrev:
> >
> > > What really surprises me though is that folks studying linguistics
> > > at the university have never even heard of the word 'conlang'. Many
> > > of the students in my batch seem to be taking linguistics cause they
> > > don't know what else they should do.
> >
> > Yes! That's exactly my experience as well! Last term we were
> > about 50 people in my class at uni. (first term of linguistics).
> > None of them were really interested.
> Incredible, isn't? People going to a university, being in the vicinity
> of a whopping great library and people full of the most interesting
> stuff, and being interested in nothing but the next glass of beer...

Boudewijn, can I pinch that quote for my sig file? It really describes my
old university perfectly. Even some of the lecturers...

Anyway, for teh bookkeepers amongst you...

m/25/UK, born in Germany, very mixed heritage.

I was a definite oddball at uni. It was bad enough that I was interested in
French as part of my course, but I was also studying Japanese for fun,
relearning my Maltese heritage, and inventing a new language. On top of
that, they found it totally incomprehensible that I did not feel any pride
in having a British passport. Personally, I think Britain is a wonderful
country, and if I were white, I woudd love to live here.

I am now trying to translate a Japanese manga directly into Maltese. My
Maltese contacts approve, my workmates smile and nod. I guess it helps that
the Maltese are natural polyglots - a Malteser with less than 3 languages is

I also have a mind to create a keyboard remaper for entering Tsalagi. I have
the font.

Regarding my Raptorese project, I have a prototypr written form, but I was
wondering, to what extent is technology/civilisation necessary for a written
language to develop? I want this to be a very primitive conculture, but I
suspect that a written language needs some kind of industry (in teh broad
sense) to support it.

Jkun li dik il-kitba tpatti it-tieba ta' qalb ta' patruni tieghi.
Jkun li jtaffi ugigh tal-Mitlufin u tal-Indannati.
Jkun li ilkoll li jaqraw il-kitba, qalbhom ihobbu is-Sewwa u l-Unur.
U b'dak l'ghamil, nithallas tax-xoghol iebes.