At 8:24 pm +0100 6/11/99, taliesin the storyteller wrote:
>* Nik Taylor ([log in to unmask]) [991106 19:30]:
>> Josh Roth wrote:
>> > On natlangs.... Of course we're not putting on thousands of them, but
>> > shouldn't we have one or several so people actually know what the phrase
>> > means? Or should they have to ask and have us tell them?

Obviously, then, one must be English, since that's the main language of the
list.  But personally I don't see the point.  If a few of the more
well-known 'Euroclone' conIALs are given, isn't exactly the same thing

If one starts including natlangs, then no matter how judicious the choice,
someone is going to feel this or that language has been slighted in not
being included.  It just seems odd to me to include any natlangs on a
_conlang_ T-shirt.

>Can we stop this silly "that-language-isn't-worthy" already?

Any conlang is worthy, isn't it?

I guess if the number gets too great, then a representative sample of
certain types (like euroclone conIALs) could do.  Surely, as long as no
list member's own conlang is ignored, that's OK?

Or have I missed the purpose of this entirely?

whose own conlangs will not be included since either they were either
composed so long ago they been largely forgotten or they are still in
embryonic form  :)

A mind which thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language.
                   [J.G. Hamann 1760]