On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Fabian wrote:

>> Daniel Seriff <[log in to unmask]>
>> >I hereby volunteer to draw it up,
>> >given the translation (I seem to remember seeing it on Fabian's page,
>> >yes? no?).
>> A resounding YES!!! and the people rejoiced over
>> the much volunteering!
>> But seriously Daniel, I really would appreciate
>> your doing that! Priceless! Kudos! Thank you...
>Solresol - in a musical staff would very likely get in.

I'll do that if someone can point me in the right direction for
notating it gramatically.


>Spanish - give me a translation, then I'll see about space. If I don't have
>a translation, there's no way at all it will appear on the cloth.
>Jkun li dik il-kitba tpatti it-tieba ta' qalb ta' patruni tieghi.
>Jkun li jtaffi ugigh tal-Mitlufin u tal-Indannati.
>Jkun li ilkoll li jaqraw il-kitba, qalbhom ihobbu is-Sewwa u l-Unur.
>U b'dak l'ghamil, nithallas tax-xoghol iebes.