Dans un courrier dat? du 02/11/99 12:09:18  , Paul a ?crit :

>  How about, instead of "Person A sends Language A to Person B.  Person B
> sends
>  Language B to Person C, etc", we try a relay where the idea is to
> from
>  you lang into the lang of the next person, ie: "Person A sends Language B
>  Person B.  Person B sends Language C to Person C, etc".  (obviously Person
> is
>  the "inventor" of Language X).

>  Paul

count me in.
the only problem might be vocabulary.
maybe we should make a standard list of
english words before the relay.
each conlanger would translate this
list in his language X, then list all these X words
and translate them in english.
for instance :

english-X :
wolf : oonga boonga

X-english :
oonga : forest ; ~ boonga : wolf
boonga : dog ; oonga ~ : wolf

Potentially.  However, I think Rob Nierse said (hinted) something about new
words being up to the translator, which is also how I'd invisaged it.  To do it
that way, in the descriptive posts (or webpages, or whatever) for each lang
there needs to be a very clear description of the process by which new words are
added to the lang (ie more than just the possible syllable structures), and of
any potential/existing sources of natlang borrowing.

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