On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Paul Bennett wrote:

> How about, instead of "Person A sends Language A to Person B.
> Person B sends Language B to Person C, etc", we try a relay where
> the idea is to translate from you lang into the lang of the next
> person, ie: "Person A sends Language B to Person B. Person B sends
> Language C to Person C, etc". (obviously Person X is the "inventor"
> of Language X).

Eek! What do you translate - the version you get or are you allowed
to correct it first? I think I could manage to translate from
*proper* Valdyan into, say, Drasel=E9q or Denden, but not from mangled
Valdyan. Either way it would probably be awful Drasel=E9q or Denden.
> Does anyone think that's a do-able idea?=20

Well, no, not really, but if it's done anyway I want to join in.

> Is there enough available info on each lang? Would we need to
> precede it with a phase of "Person C sends Grammar & Roots C to
> Person B, Person B sends Grammar & Roots B to Person A, etc."?

Absolutely. Having a workable grammar and lexicon could be a
prerequisite for joining.

> Even worse, how about assigning the members in random order, and
> the languages to be used in a different random order?

That doesn't give anyone a foot to stand on - I'm not going in for
that one. Hard enough to translate from a language I don't know into
a language I know or vice versa; if both languages are unknown the
text will probably be lost on the second lap.


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