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> > Greek.  Many American churches have also adopted pews and organs,
> > which often scandalizes visitors from the Old World. Of course,

> What's wrong with pews?  Unless i'm misunderstanding some
> connotation of the word, isn't a pew just a bench style of seats,
> as opposed to individual chairs?

That's what it *means*, yes. But note the word "Greek" that just
didn't get snipped, making it clear that this is about the *Orthodox*
church, and Orthodox churchgoers don't sit (it's passive, and we're
participants, not consumers) unless they absolutely can't stand. Pews
are even worse than chairs because they don't only expect you to sit,
they force you to sit.

What an Orthodox church would use an organ for I don't want to
imagine <shudder> ...


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