After a few hours dabbling in python followed by several days and
nights of ironing out the bugs and struggling with the interface (ha!) I
am happy/relieved/overjoyed/<insert other feel-good adjective here> to
announce the very first (more-or-less) working version of my searchable
mailarchive-thingy, currently named 'Larkhive'.

*sound of trumpets*
And the (temporary) url is:

Due to the (goddamn pesky) interface-problems it proved to be not quite
the quick hack of a job I hoped it would be (/me grinning all over), but
now I can finally (oh shite!) go back to reading up (no!!!) for my exams
this semester.

Anyways, I need your help to streamline it (it's a 'tad' slow and inefficient
right now...), so pop on over and (ab)use it! Please do send me your
comments/ideas, or reply to this 'un since the traffic doesm't seem to
be -that- high right now...

tal., happy as a lark in spring, tired as a bear in fall