alypius wrote:

> So war is caused by misunderstanding??? Well, maybe on rare occasions.  But,
> I think in most wars both sides understand each other all too well.  (Of
> course, the public may be deceived by its leaders, but this is another
> problem.)

The leaders generate wars to benefit a few, and the public
is propagandized to hate an enemy they don't understand.
Wars are usually between classes, the causes are economic.

> If peoples who speak the same language have fewer wars between them, it is
> not because they avoid misunderstanding, but because they have lots of other
> cultural common ground as well.  ~alypius

Yes, exactly. And by learning an auxlang we can create
and maintain that common ground. That's the theory;
I don't wonder why governments won't support it.

As they say in Tepa: hike waipettu.