On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, J. Barefoot wrote:

> Spiffy! But the question remains: which case for "sister;" which case for
> "her"? Genitive, nominative, or something else?

Dutch doesn't have a genitive per se (any more), but you could argue
that _zus d'r_ is the genitive of _zus_. In written language you
would have to say _de deur van mijn zus_ ("the door of my sister")
and "van mijn zus" can be called a genitive construction.

Let's give the sister a name: _Anna's deur_ "Anna's door". That's a
genitive for sure. _Anna d'r deur_ is also possible, and in informal
speech more usual, especially when Anna is modified by something:
_mijn zus Anna d'r deur_ "my sister Anna's door_ sounds all right to
me, _mijn zus Anna's deur_ more than a little stilted; I'd *write*
_de deur van mijn zus Anna_.


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