Our generous hosts at Brown University have successfully moved PED-EM-L to
a new server running the most recent Listserv software (version 1.8d).  The
updated server software has some technical advantages as well as an
integrated web interface to the list.

Due to this change in servers, it was necessary to change the list and
command addresses associated with the list.

        For postings to the list use: [log in to unmask]

        For listserv commands use: [log in to unmask]

The old addresses will continue to work for at least several
weeks, with mail sent there forwarded to the new addresses.

When the web interface is ready to use, I'll post information to the list
on how to access it.

If you notice any problems with PED-EM-L, or have questions or suggestions,
please feel
free to contact me.

                Dale Steele, MD (listowner PED-EM-L)

For more information, send mail to [log in to unmask] with the message: info PED-EM-L
The URL for the PED-EM-L Web Page is: