Brown University has updated its list server, and thus this list has
once again moved. The new addresses are

    to post:                            [log in to unmask]

    to send subscribe, unsubscribe,
        and other automatic commands:   [log in to unmask]

    to send mail to the human "list
        owners":                        [log in to unmask]

While the old addresses[1] will continue to work for a few weeks, it
would be good to start using the new addresses right away.

Among other improvements and advantages, the new server supports a
web interface -- we hope to have an archive of the list available on
the web within a month.

[1] The old addresses are similar, but have "@brownvm" instead of
    "@listserv"; the even older address had "uic" instead of "brown";
    the oldest address had "@uicvm.uic" instead of "@listserv.brown",
    I think.