A project of transcription, encoding and analysis of 16th century manuscrits
is now available on the WEB at the
following URL:
or, in french

These "Lettres de Remission", (tentatively translated into "Letters of
Clemency") are handwritten copies of letters sent to the King or the Queen
to ask for a special grace after a crime and a regular judgment.

Our project consists in transcribing all the letters kept in Nantes (around
800).  The current TEI corpus contains 99 letters of 1531 and 1532, just
before Brittany joined the french Kingdom.  We expect to add the remaining
letters to the TEI corpus in the next years.

These letters are interesting for their historical contents since they
always describe crimes in a very lively fashion -- the letters were probably
read aloud to the Court -- and several details of everyday's life are given.
Very few other direct sources exist about the 16th century in Brittany.

The corpus has been transcribed and encoded in TEI Lite.  Three levels of
encoding are used: lexical (such as ABBR, DEL, ADD, LB, PB), semantic (dates
are normalized, names and places are marked) and interpretative (the corpus
is linked to INTERP groups).   Three publications describing our work are
available through the main WEB page.  They are in french now, but others in
english are submitted for publication.

The transcription and encoding has been done by Nicole Dufournaud, during
her "Maitrise" in Early Modern History at the University of Nantes.
The project also relies on several programs to translate the TEI files in
XML and HTML, as well as several index generators for the names of places,
persons, glossaries and analytical contents.  Everything can be downloaded
at the WEB page.

Don't hesitate to send your comments.

We wish you a happy new year 2000.

  Jean-Daniel Fekete
     &     Nicole Dufournaud
  Ecole des Mines de Nantes,
Universite de Nantes, faculte des lettres
  4 rue Alfred Kastler, La Chantrerie,
  BP 20722, 44307 Nantes Cedex 03, France
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