Yesterday morning's dive at Shelly Beach was - despite the loss of a diver
there a few days ago - no different from any other.  It was a perfect Sydney
Summer day. Clear blue skies with not a cloud in sight, the lightest of
swells, and a calm sea.  Water temp. was 19 deg. C.  Max. depth. 13-metres;
and we (Adrian and I), dived for 57-minutes. (Julian, and the other guys and
gals, spent longer!) :-)

We spotted a couple of squid shortly after entry; painted shrimps: perhaps a
dozen rays; half-a-dozen wobbgegongs; a couple of porcupine fish; damsels;
seapike; ladder-fined pomfrets; old wifes; just one weedy seadragon; heaps
of Eastern Blue Grouper, several of which - a metre or more in length - swam
up to be patted; a beautiful lionfish with a rich  charcoal-grey colour; and
an anchor!

Adrian and I decided to wrestle it back to shore.  He took the chain, I took
the pick!  Even with my BCD fully inflated, the anchor was a 'little' too
heavy to do much else than bounce it back across the seabed.  Chewing up gas
as though it was going out of fashion, we decided to leave it hidden under
a rock and go back for it later!  :-)

Afterwards:  Coffee, cake and Tim-Tams!  :-)

(As a post-script: The body of the missing diver was found yesterday
afternoon close to where she had disappeared.  The post-mortem is still to
determine the cause of death, but at least the recovery puts paid to rumours
of a shark attack!)