On Tuesday, December 21, 1999 4:02 AM, Ray Cardinale wrote:


> Member of the I don't look like Strike club.

Ray!  It's strange that you should mention this on the very day that I
received the fall issue of, Historical Diver Magazine!  :-)

One Sunday afternon, in early September, I received a telephone call from a
Board member of the Diving Historical Society of Australia and South East
Asia.  he told me that the Hysterical Divers - who were holding their annual
meeting n Adelaide - had voted me Member of the Year!

A few weeks later, I was presented with a large trophy that I'm allowed to
keep for one year.  Having nowhere else to put it, I placed it on top of the
refrigerator so that I can see it every time I raid the thing for beer!  :-)

Anyway!  Yesterday I received in the mail my regular copy of 'Historical
Diver' that I read throughout the day.  In the section dealing with
happenings around the world was a paragraph that reads, "Bon vivat,
raconteur and all round good guy, David Strike was awarded DHS ASEA member
of the Year for his work in promoting diving history ...."

It was the "all round" wording that caused me a moment or two of anguish!  I
think "cuddly" would have been more descriptive!  :-)

Member of the, "I don't want to look like me, either" club!  :-)