Try these for some info...

Oddly enough, "gry" is a word - nothing to do with the riddle though. There
are also other words ending in "gry" but all [most?] are considered

- Dennis Jensen

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> First, let me say that this has nothing to do with diving.  However, I
> rarely discuss none diving stuff here so I am going to ask.
> From a friend I received the following tonight:
> >What three words end with the letters ...gry?  We know hungry and angry,
> >but what is the third word?  Apparently, we use the third word
> >frequently.  This is a brain teaser which is driving me crazy.  Any
> >thoughts?  Yes, even with my Wabash education I can not solve it.
> I can't think of the answer but now it is driving me question.  I suspect
> trick question.
> Good question for this group of diving eggheads.
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