On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, FFlores wrote:

>    'I don't wait for a sign to show'
>    'I receive the joy of this moment'
>    'I don't fear evil beyond today'
>    'And I look at goodness with marvel'

That's a beautiful poem.  I must translate it into Hatasoe.

male onisaman pake ramomehulute.
ea olobakoa salea poese e.
male olotevuan ekaleke tenru gele
oade ea olohivia nehase felan esuee.

male o-ni-sama-n pake ra-momehulute.
not  I-that-wait.for.NEG symbol it-shows.itself

ea o-lo-bakoa salea poese e.
I  I-it-take joy.of moment this.

male o-lo-tevua-n ekaleke tenru gele
not  I-it-fear-NEG evil beyond day

oade ea o-lo-hivia nehase felan esuee.
and  I  I-it-see goodness with wonder.

Some interesting bits:

esuee, wonder, comes from the emphatic verb "to sing."

ekaleke, evil, similarly is from the emphatic form of the verb kalaka, to
be bad.

"ea" as a subject or object pronoun is always optional, since it's marked
on the verb.

The negative form of verbs is created by adding the adverb "male" before
the verb (this is the only adverb that comes *before* the word it
modifies) and adding an -n to the end of the final -a of the verb.