Padraic Brown wrote:
> Perhaps survival in the trecherous world of the abysmal deep?  Not too
> different in many ways from our early ancestors: soft-n-juicy, not
> much in the way of pointy teeth or defence mechanisms except by
> running away. Apparently octopi can figure things out and teach others
> - not too dissimilarly from us.

        Very near to us in fact! We have it! The other sentient species on
Earth (and who knows, maybe there are not just only two of them).

> I don't think they make noises.  I don't think they have ears.
> Perhaps they use sign language - or maybe make use of electricity.
> Perhaps a kind of telepathy?  Can they detect electrical charges from
> their medium?

        I think so, I think I remember seeing a program about the fact they
could produce small electrical charges and detect them. Not sure of it

> Padraic.

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