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> > > Sounds (almost) like a quote from the
> > > Dao De Jing.

> > Wouldn't know, since I've never read it. But thanks, I guess.

> No insult, I assure you.
> Maybe I'll send my translation of the final
> verse.

> > Now that you mention it, the stuff about the fish echoes the
> > famous line, 'a white horse is not a horse' (?). Where's that
> > from?             --Pablo Flores

> China, same era, different "school of thought."

It is not specific content but rather style
that reminded me of the Dao De Jing.

Much is rather more cryptic than the
following may appear.

Verse 81 of the Tao Te Ching:
(Translated by Leo J. Moser)

True words may not be beautiful;
Beautiful words need not be true.
Good words may not be eloquent;
Eloquent words need not be good.

The wise need not be learned,
And the learned may not be wise.

The sage does not hoard; and yet
The more he bestows on others --
The greater his possessions.
He offers up all he has to others,
And somehow is richer still.

The Way of Heaven above
Is to bestow without harming.

The Way for human-beings
Is to act without contending.