Hey list!

It's too quiet here so I thought it would be nice to find out what good
scuba stuff people got for Christmas.

It was a light year for me.  Truth is I don't need much.  Got some new
booties.  the hard sole low profile warm water type by Henderson.  They
have an octopus on the bottom.

Also got a new small light.  The UK (Underwater Kinetic's) SL4.

Finally, I got a tank light.  Princeton Tec Agua Flash "flashing personal
locator."  Most important is that this light is advertised to be waterproof
to 2000 fsw which should be nice on those deep night dive I like to do at
the Brac.

So lets here it.  Anyone get anything really exciting?  Gifts for Hanukah,
Rhamadan (sp?), the solstice, or any other occasion are welcome as well.

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