<lurk off>

Ever tried to convince family members they've gotta buy you dive gear?! Let them
see the price and they find something else to buy you!

There's only so many dive knives, small torches and knick-knacks you can take as
presents before you look like a tech diver <grin!>

So.... this leaves one solution! Buy yourself the gift! So I did....

I got myself a Scubapro R380 2nd stage to replace my G250. (The G250 then
replaced my R190 octo), and I've ordered myself a 12 litre steel cylinder to
replace my 10 litre steel (tired of being 1st back on the boat!!) - and no, I'm
not sure how big a 12 litre steel is in cubic feet....

Happy diving all!

Lawrence Micallef
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